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Eric Elliott

296 Summer St., #3

Somerville, MA 02144


2007 - Present

Technology Solutions Experts, Natick, MA - Sr. Software Engineer

  • Technical lead for a diverse set of department of defense projects (discussed below)
  • Lead teams of 2 to ~12, designed systems, implemented features, assigned tasks, trained and mentored junior developers, conducted code reviews
  • Met with clients to define requirements, give briefings, and demonstrate products
  • Wrote or assisted in writing proposals to win numerous Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants.

PROJECTS (personal project)

  • Independently designed and developed a web-based shared expense tracker
  • Uses Firebase for data storage (Firestore) and authentication and VueJs with Tailwindcss for frontend reactive UI.

Infantry Warrior Simulation (IWARS)

  • Lead developer for a constructive military combat simulation developed for the U.S. Army (Tech: C#, C++, SQLite, Delta3D game engine, Visual Studio)
  • After taking over a failing project from previous developers, matured IWARS through eight major releases over six years
  • Implemented numerous scientific models as integrated software components (e.g. physiological heat stress, ballistic flyout, target acquisition)
  • Developed a visual scripting tool to enable users to define human behavior
  • Developed tools to store, process, and analyze data produced by simulation runs

Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP) Parser

  • Developed a Java library to translate between JREAP binary streams and a custom XML format using a data-driven approach to define how binary structure maps to XML elements.

Anthropometric Casualty Estimation Methodology (SBIR)

  • Developed elements of the user interface and data import/export for a Maya plugin to analyze the fit of protective equipment (Tech: python, Maya)
  • Developed a visualization and asset management tool using the Unity game engine to manage human/equipment configurations (Tech: C#, Unity Game Engine)

Mask Size Quantification (MASQ) (SBIR)

  • Member of team developing a cross-platform mobile app that generates an accurate 3D model of a subject’s face from 2D images. (Tech: C++, Qt, OpenCV)
  • Developed python scripts to analyze the accuracy of generated models relative to 3D scans.

SnapTrack (SBIR)

  • Member of team developing a cross-platform mobile app to check-in new inventory via barcode scanning and natural language processing (NLP) of paper forms (Tech: Xamarin, C#, C++, OpenCV)

Soldier and Small Unit (SSU) Performance and Cognitive Models for Behavior and Decision Making in Constructive Simulation (SBIR)

  • Integrated the ACT-R cognitive modeling architecture with IWARS via a network interface and developed a proof of concept ACT-R model to represent human decision making of threat acquisition and targeting. (Tech: ACT-R, LISP, C#)

Distributed Mission Operations Gateway (SBIR)

  • Developed a plugin-based network gateway to translate data between disparate protocols such as Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA). (Tech: C++)

Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool for Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) (SBIR)

  • Developed a 3D terrain building and editing tool that integrated multiple data sources such as OpenFlight (.flt) terrain files and municipal data feeds. (Tech: C++, C#)


  • Proficient in C#, C++/C, Javascript, Java, Python, Clojure/ClojureScript, Go, Elixir
  • Experience with Nodejs, Vue.js, Phoenix Framework, Postgres, SQLite
  • Mobile app development experience with Qt and Xamarin
  • Skilled technical and proposal writer.


Tufts University — 2000

  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • Minor Computer Science